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The King
8 July 2008

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7 July 2008

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No 51
6 July 2008

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White Leaf
4 July 2008

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Without a Title
2 July 2008

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13 May 2008

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Heirloom #2
30 March 2008

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Hanging Shark
18 January 2008

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Text on side of Train
17 January 2008

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Green Pole, Coniston
6 January 2008

Recent Comments

gogoli on Heirloom #1
very nice and interesting!

gogoli on The Boy Investigates

gogoli on Teeth. Grin. Smile.

gogoli on DIY Ring Flash
interesting and nice shot!

gogoli on The Boy

gogoli on Belly Ache
great shot very nice!!!

gogoli on Three Wise Monkeys

gogoli on Tongue Shadow

gogoli on I am a Statue

gogoli on Funny Face
great portrait!

Frédéric on Belly Ache
Très belle photo spontanée et naturelle ! Magnifique regard très intense et captivant. Bravo pour ...

Stefan on Saltburn Pier, Long Exposure
Wow, fantastic photo, congrats!

katalog firm on Hope to see you soon...
nice image,great colours and details

Chris Giovannis on Hope to see you soon...
5 * top shot

Chris Giovannis on Stranger On The Shore
Great shot and show perspective

Chris Giovannis on Fridge
Cracker shot!

AR.Tara on Bob

luwi on Watch This Space
nice macro effekt, great image, have you seen my example of this effekt -> ...

dkc on Saltburn Pier, Long Exposure
Just an amazing photo with incredible light!

toni pons barro on Hope to see you soon...
Fantastic images in your blog, good work. congratulations.

Cuentos on Heirloom #2
It is a charming image. I like it very much. Saludos, Mariana Thanks.

Andrea Auf dem Brinke on Hope to see you soon...
very nice, it seams to be unreal

djedfre on Hope to see you soon...
sad to see you go but at least you're going out (and i guess came in) on a bang - great shot - wonderful color ...

dj.tigersprout on Hope to see you soon...
sorry to see you go Rhys -- but congrats on the new site! that is splendid news! will definitely drop in to see what ...

Sean on Hope to see you soon...
What a fun subject. It's so bright and cheerful, but the surroundings don't reflect that. See you at the ...

Michael on Hope to see you soon...
Nice subject and great composition.

Betsy Barron on Hope to see you soon...
Rhys! We'll miss you - please visit and I'm bookmarking your new blog site now..

Graham Russon on Hope to see you soon...
So long :) Will come visit at your new site.

Scotfot on Hope to see you soon...
Great image, I never tire of looking at your images of back home - always different but familiar! I will most certainly ...

gbe on Hope to see you soon...
great image, surreal quality to it. best of luck with your new site.

António Pires on Hope to see you soon...
I regret you are leaving a-3. Anyway, you are still in the business and I already bookmarked your new site. Many of the ...

Anthony Lambert on Hope to see you soon...
Bloody shame !! Stick a chocolate flake in the Ice cream and I´ll come and visit your new blog.

Pouhou on Hope to see you soon...
a Fine one, See you !

Sharon on Hope to see you soon...
Awwww, I will be sad to see you go. I'm going to bookmark your new blog though (which looks awesome I might add). ...

Sean on The King
Excellent colors! I could see tons of kids flocking to "The King".

djedfre on The King
hmmm... perhaps he was making a political statement!

Graham Russon on The King
What an awesome shot, the angle is perfect.

gbe on The King
he seems to be holding court over his kingdome with regal calm. your son is right on target. nice shot.

Anthony Lambert on The King
Realy bright cololurs.Nice shot Rhys,and as for the "King"-he does look a little like Elvis in his later ...

Mike on The King
Lovely rich saturated colours and great composition. Great photo.

Sean on Flats/Sky
While this may have been cool in color, there's something spectacular about this in B&W. Love how you've ...

Scotfot on Flats/Sky
Superb sky... I'd be going for a fisheye to get more of this great sky in :-)

Graham Russon on Flats/Sky
Fantastic shot, and very effective in bw. Good one.

Florence on Flats/Sky
Excellent compositio, the sky is so dramatic, a really beauty ! :-)

Koushiro~光子郎 on Flats/Sky
Wow that is one amazing shot! I couldn't tell it was the sky when it was loading! It really places the flats in ...

gbe on Flats/Sky
amazingly dramatic shot

Jim (365,000 words) on Flats/Sky
Very nice sky and great use of black and white. (Images like this, though, curiosity always has me wondering what the ...

Anthony Lambert on No 51
Spot on,as always.

Anthony Lambert on Flats/Sky
Great work,Rhys and no PP at all :) amazing. Realy though,bloody fantastic !!

saeed on Flats/Sky
So amazing sky indeed! lovely and great shot! nicely done!

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